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Potential Recruit:
We have received your application to become a soldier of the Arathi Highlands and welcome you to be interviewed with an officer of our military staff. Before that, let us give you some further basic information.

We are the Kingdom of Arathor, dedicated to protecting the Arathi Highlands and the remnants of the Kingdom that was Stromgarde against foes within and without our borders. Our legions are deployed regularly to all parts of the Arathi Highlands, and sometimes beyond our borders on excursions to aid our allies or hamper our foes. We are steadfast allies and fierce enemies; honor is the watchword around our passionate people. Only the best is expected of every man and woman- an excellence that will help us overcome the great adversity against us.

Every part of our military is expected to uphold proper uniform maintenance, public conduct, and adherence to their superiors- even in the direst of circumstances. There shall be no compromise that weakens ourselves and puts our people at risk. Should you succeed in becoming a Legionnaire within the Kingdom of Arathor, you shall overcome a low destiny and enter into a glory eternal for the deeds we expect of you on the battlefield. However, there is little guarantee that you will reach or surpass our expectation of welcoming you among our ranks.

As the Old Arathi saying goes, "Si vis pacem para bellum", if you wish for peace, prepare for war- the peace of those we protect is dependent on our fighting strength, on our discipline, and on our valor.

Legate Galleron Martellus
Praemonstratus of the Kingdom of Arathor
Legion Headquarters, Eastwatch, Province of Carthan
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